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EpicRing is a smart programmable Gateway, an application for handling DICOM and HL7 streams within an environment of data and diagnostic imaging, a system who filters and manage multiple streams of data, regardless of the nature of information and protocol transportation.

EpicRing analyze incoming data and sends them to various destinations, the pattern used to performs these operations is defined by user and implemented on-field, first setup can be modified over time.

► Unlimited defi nibles rules
► Rules based on HL7 events
► Rules based on Dicom events
► Rules based on times and dates
► Actions Dicom (Q / R, C-Move, C-Store etc.)
► Actions HL7
► Synchronize different PACS
► Intelligent routing
► Rules in XML format
► Monitoring by Web browser
► Available in VMWare


EpicCache is an application who stores diagnostic images in DICOM heterogeneous repositories, managing the logic-level fault-tollerance and organizing data volumes homogeneous for Modality.

Dicom EpicCache fits into your hospital, according to international standard against version 3. EpicCache is configured to use local disks, network shares, NAS, SAN. The units are made available for the exclusive use of EpicCache, are identified as Volumes.

► Management of different fi le system, also through geographical connections
► Images diagnostic redundancy
► Fully configurable
► Logical RAID of archived studies
► Management of different repositories for CT, MRI, U.S. etc..
► Hot expansion volume
► Store & remember Dicom
► Web interface for management and volumes status control
► Alert via email for critical situations
► Selective Q / R of stored data
► Management of users and permissions
► Complementarity:
EpicCache + EpicStorm = Blue Ray DiskBack-up


EpicSuite Burn & Print is a standalone application for the automated production of CD Patient. It is a perfect tool for clinics, hospitals and radiologist to distribute images and reports to patients or referring physicians. Export studies directly to CD / DVD / BD, including the necessary viewer for displaying images and reports. EpicSuite Burn & Print allows you to create one or more CDs quickly, easily and securely containing all information necessary and relevant to the patient.

EpicSuite Burn & Print is a node Dicom and HL7, and operates in 2 modes simultaneously:
► In Dicom push: the PACS on the network send studies to EpicSuite Burn & Print node, and it regularly creates CD / DVD / BD required.
► HL7 In Driven: the RIS client sends the HL7 messages about studies of patients to be done and EpicSuite Print & Burn node automatically retrieves the studies from PACS and, after reconciliation of patient data, it produces the media.

► Compatible with popular Robot publisher, such as Epson, Rimage, Teac and Primera
► Setup Wizard allows you to be operational in less than a minute
► Inclusion of reports on any media produced
► Labels discs completely customizable
► Variable fi elds automatically populated with the information found in images of the study or in the HL7 messages
► Automatic or manual
► Dicom HL7 driven or Dicom push
► Management of work queue
► Intuitive preview of the studies in the queue
► Automatic creation of the media after the associated report
► Search function of the burned media
► Grouping examinations per patient
► Checking media optional
► Automatic CD / DVD / BD
► Choice of the viewer
► Complementarity with Epic HA Server


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